Mekhi Becton hopes to drop from 370 pounds


Jets tackle Mekhi Becton tipped the scales at 364 pounds at the Scouting Combine. Like so many of the rest of us, he gained weight during the pandemic.

Becton reported to training camp at 370. Via Rich Cimini of, Becton explained that he’d like to drop some pounds before the season starts.

“I definitely want to get lower,” Becton said. As noted by Cimini, Becton said after the draft that his “ideal weight” is between 350 and 355 pounds.

Offensive line coach Frank Pollack agrees that Becton should drop some weight.

“Is 370 too high?” Pollack said Tuesday, via Cimini. “Yeah. Is there a magic number? We’re working on that. He’s a young guy. He’s probably going to mature over time. Bottom line is production on the field and what’s the healthiest for him.”

Whatever his size, the Jets need Becton to use it in a way that overpowers opponents, with an edge and a nastiness that rubs off on the rest of the offensive line, like it did two years ago when the Colts landed guard Quinton Nelson with a top-10 pick. After spending too much time trying to build from the outside in, G.M. Joe Douglas seems to be trying his best to build the Jets from the inside out, which tends to be more effective when it comes to constructing a roster that thrives.

Simms and I spent some time talking about the importance of development an offensive line full of violence roughnecks (former Falcons and Seahawks coach Jim Mora once said he was looking for some “dirtbags” to play offensive line) to constructing an offense that works well — and to helping the team’s defensive line become better prepared to create havoc during games.